4 tips for landing your first job in marketing

As one of South West London’s leading recruitment agencies for marketing positions, we know how difficult it can be to get your foot in the door as a junior marketing professional. Marketing is a very competitive industry, where the number of applicants usually massively outstrips the number of positions available, and as digital becomes ever more prevalent, companies are looking for increasingly advanced skill-sets even for entry-level positions. Nonetheless, there’s plenty that you can do to stay ahead of the competition – here’s 4 tips for getting your foot in the door.

Learn new skills

There’s so many great online resources available for budding digital marketers that there’s no excuse for not taking it upon yourself to improve your skill-set. Sites like Moz, HubSpot and E-Consultancy are full of excellent, free advice and information to help you get clued up on the latest developments in digital marketing, as well as e-books and resources to train you in the most important tools. You’ll be much more attractive to a potential employer if you can demonstrate the initiative to take it upon yourself to broaden your skill-set, and you’ll perform much better at interview if you’ve got the knowledge to back up your enthusiasm.

Build up your portfolio

Whether you’re primarily a content-writer, a designer or a social media specialist, no one is going to hire you without seeing examples of your work. The time whilst you’re looking for a job is the perfect opportunity to build up a really strong portfolio. Pitch articles to magazines and websites, start your own blog, add to your design portfolio, even reach out to local businesses and offer to assist with their social media or online content. It doesn’t have to be for free either – there are countless online agencies, such as Exposure Ninja, who will pay you to write online content and manage social media accounts for small and medium-sized businesses.

Get yourself out there

More so than in any other industry, your online presence is of huge importance when applying for marketing positions. Recruitment agencies and employers will search for you on social media, so make sure you’ve got a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Put links on your CV to your social media profiles, your blog, and any examples of your work that can be found online.

Be patient

As long as you do all of the above, you’ll be in an excellent position to land that elusive first job, but that doesn’t mean it will happen overnight. If you’re sure that it’s the career path you want to go down, then stay patient and wait for the right opportunity to come along. There’s no need to sit around doing nothing while you wait – temping is a good way to broaden your experience, and you’ll be much more employable if you can show that you’ve been consistently working.

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