4 ways to be a recruiter’s dream candidate

As you might expect in our line of work, we speak to hundreds of prospective candidates every week. Although we can’t always get back to every application that comes in, we do our very best to ensure that every candidate has the best possible experience when dealing with us. There are, however, a few simple things that you as a candidate can do to make our jobs easier, making the whole process better for everyone concerned. Here are four sure-fire ways to be a recruiter’s dream candidate.

Honesty is the best policy

We British are renowned for our over-politeness and eagerness to avoid conflict, like a nation of Hugh Grants walking around trying ever so hard not to offend anyone. It’s perhaps this Britishness which makes some people nervous about simply saying that they’re not interested in a job, and going forward with the process anyway out of sheer politeness. This approach, however, generally causes more problems in the long run, sometimes leading to candidates dropping out at the last minute when the process starts to get more serious. It’s always best to be honest in the first instance if a job isn’t for you. We won’t be offended, and candid feedback on why you’re not interested will help us send you more relevant jobs going forward.

Keep us in the loop

As much as we wish we could keep good candidates all to ourselves, we know that smart jobseekers are generally speaking to multiple agencies and companies at any one time during their search. So there’s no need to keep your other applications and interviews a secret – keeping us updated with how your job search is progressing will allow us to manage our clients’ expectations and also mean that we can potentially arrange interviews to fit around your other appointments.

Be proactive and go the extra mile

In a competitive market, it’s important to do whatever you can to give yourself the edge over other jobseekers. The candidates we enjoy dealing with most are those who take the initiative and go the extra mile to give themselves the best possible chance. Whether that’s by doing extra research and preparation, sending over a portfolio of your work or writing a follow-up email to the client, it shows an admirable attitude that sets you apart from the competition

Be punctual, presentable and polite

It may sound obvious, but turning up on time, dressing appropriately for your appointments and being approachable and polite are easy ways to endear yourself to recruiters and potential employers alike. If we have one interview slot left for a position, and it’s a choice between two candidates with similar skills and experience, these are the little details that will make the difference.

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