5 Clever Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

There is nothing worse than a bad job interview. Trapped in a room, your entire career hopes pinned on the one person you are trying to sell all of your godly virtues to, an awkward social exchange or outfit faux pas is all it takes to send a perfectly good interview in to a downwards spiral. If you have a big interview coming up, do not fear. We are here to help you avoid bad interview pitfalls bit by bit. Preparation is the key, so if you are getting stuck on the interview process, follow these tips to bag that job once and for all.


First impressions first

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First impressions are all important, according to a survey of 2000 employers, 335 claimed they knew if they were hiring the candidate or not within 90 seconds. That is a very small window of opportunity in which to convey who you are to the person that you want to work.

Avoid fashionable clashes




Brightly coloured, patterned clothes are too much of a statement for a job interview situation. Being who you are and comfortable in what you are wearing is important but you should be winning over the interviewer with your charisma and experience not detracting from what an incredible candidate you are by wearing Pat Butcher earrings or a cartoon print tie. Keep your outfit muted with block colours. Think clean and professional.

Body language

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Think about how you will come across. Introduce yourself with confidence, make eye contact with the person interviewing you and shake their hand. Common body language mistakes include, lack of eye contact, not smiling, fidgeting, bad posture and negative body language. Be open and sure of your abilities but not cocky or closed up.

Let your personality shine through

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This doesn’t mean go in to the interview all guns blazing and lecture your potential employer all about your hopes, dreams and what you had for dinner last night. Let yourself be you, smile and show that you have a sense of humour; the employer will want to see how you fit in with the company and if you have anything going for yourself aside from the words on your CV. Let them know about all of the incredible things you have done in order to achieve what you have so far and tell them a memorable but relevant (nothing about you cat or that banging holiday to Malia) story so that they remember who you are.


Question them 

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We have all been there, the agonising bit at the end of the interview when the interviewer asks ‘have you got any questions?’ and you sit there, staring blankly at them trying to conjure up some sort of a scrap of a question to show them that you are the brilliant spark of a person that they want for the job. Prepare a few questions before you turn up to your interview, they could be ‘What’s a day in the life of this role like?’ or ‘What’s the career path for this role within the company?’,  choose a few polished, smart question that will keep you in the interviewers mind after the interview is over.

Good luck – you can do it!

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