5 reasons why hiring graduates is great for your business

Top graduates are hard to come by, and even harder to tie down. Every year, around the time that universities finish for the summer, and a new wave of graduates starts to emerge, there’s a scramble amongst recruitment agencies to get their hands on the best and brightest CVs. Top graduate CVs are like gold dust for us, as we know there’ll always be plenty of interest from companies looking to snap up fresh new talent. Nonetheless, many businesses remain sceptical about the value of hiring candidates straight out of university. There’s a belief amongst some business owners that the time and money needed to get graduates up to the level required outweighs the benefits that come with hiring fresh talent. We are inclined to disagree, and here’s five reasons why.

Fresh graduates are like a clean slate

Whilst lack of work experience is generally considered a drawback when considering prospective candidates, a certain ‘green-ness’ in a graduate can actually be a major advantage from a business owner’s point of view. A fresh graduate, with little office experience, can be moulded to do things a certain way, whereas more experienced candidates are often more stuck in their ways, and can find it difficult to change habits they have picked up in previous jobs.

They are good value

According to the most recent statistics, the average starting salary for a graduate straight out of university is £19-22k. This relatively low salary, compared with more experienced candidates, can offset the cost of training, and prove a sound investment over a long period of time. Recent studies estimate that fresh graduates contribute approximately £1bn in added value to the UK economy every year, so you’re very likely to see that investment reflected in your bottom line.

They’re more business-ready than you think

The most common objection we hear from business owners who are considering hiring fresh graduates is that they’re simply not business-ready. There’s a general view that candidates straight out of university lack the commercial awareness and the soft skills to hit the ground running in a business environment, but this idea is becoming less and less relevant, with many universities and colleges ramping up their efforts to pre-empt the problem during education. There’s a much greater emphasis now on soft skills, meaning that graduates aren’t as unprepared for the world of work as they once were.

Your business will benefit from fresh ideas

Regardless of what course they’ve studied, graduates bring new ideas and a fresh outlook which can be hugely beneficial to a business. University encourages students to look at ideas and systems with a critical eye, and this attitude can transfer well to a business environment.

They tend to be very tech-savvy

What with the increasing emphasis on digital in higher education nowadays, graduates generally have a strong grasp on modern technology and are highly computer literate. It’s well-documented that digital skills are becoming ever-more important in the world of business, so bringing on a tech-savvy graduate could be a massive boost to your business’ efficiency and productivity.

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