8 Ways to stay motivated during your job search

We all know that searching for a job can take a while. There’s the laborious task of putting your CV together, the repetitive scrolling through job roles, researching companies, brushing up on interview techniques – a lot goes into getting yourself a new job and sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated. We’re used to helping people with their job search and securing them a job, so here are some of our tips to help you stay focused and motivated when it comes to landing yourself a job.


1. Try it for 5 minutes

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You have a list of things to do and you can’t get yourself to focus on any of them, Facebook keeps popping up on your phone and you just have a look at Instagram. Procrastination at its finest is lethal and it can stop you accomplishing a whole day of work.

If you are struggling with a task, try giving yourself just five minutes on it. Give yourself a time limit and just work for that time; after that you can leave it and move on, but the chances are that you will probably find yourself in the flow of work and much further into the task that you were struggling with five minutes before.


2. Prioritise

giphy (4) Plan your day. Write down on a pad the tasks that need to be accomplished for the day, you could even write down ones that need to be completed on different days throughout the week. Prioritise the things that need to be completed first and cross off as you go; seeing the things you have accomplished crossed off will give you a sense of satisfaction and leave you in a good mind-set for the next day.


          3. Do things straight away

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Come on, we all do it: you get an email from someone asking for a reference or find a new role to apply and what do you do? You plan to do it for another time and probably never get back to it, or even remember to do it. Never put off what you can do now. Get it done and move on.

4. Don’t be a perfectionist


An easy way to demotivate yourself from any task is thinking about it in huge portions – some tasks can seem so overwhelming that they stretch out in front of you like a dark cloud hanging over your head. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly: get it done and get it out, otherwise it will never be done and you’ll be a lot worse off.

5. Fake it until you make it


Lacking the confidence to apply for a certain role or the words to big yourself up on your CV? The truth is almost everyone is winging it in this world; apply yourself to the task and do as much and as best you can, be your own cheerleader.

 6. Schedule down time

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Let yourself scroll through Instagram and click on that Buzzfeed link! You need to give yourself a bit of downtime to do the things that you want to do. Schedule breaks in and do what you want to do in that time.

7. Get out

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Get out of the house and see people. Being unemployed is not as easy as it sounds; sitting in your house all day can be isolating and detrimental for your mind-set, so make sure you still live a normal life. Go for a coffee with a friend or a stroll in the park, keep yourself and your mind healthy and positive in order to keep yourself focused and on track to achieve what you want.

8. Enjoy yourself

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Searching for a new career can be overwhelming, but this is a time of transition and exciting change. You have the opportunity to be able to take a step back and understand more about yourself and your goals. The path ahead of you is open and you have the chance to be able to choose which direction you take – it could be anything!

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