Guiding Principles For Remote Hiring

If you need to recruit whilst working remotely, connecting with candidates will remain a priority- no matter the distance.  Thankfully, there are lots of tools that can help us connect and below is a guide on what to use and how to interview remotely to create the right impression.

Choose your application

Video interviews where possible are the closest thing to a physical face to face interview and are much more personal than speaking on the phone. When conducting a video interview, there are a number of options available, including Skype, BlueJeans, FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. Some of these also allow for conference interviews, so if required multiple interviewers can speak to a single candidate. However, bear in mind that not all candidates will have access to all these tools so speak to your consultant to make sure everyone is all set up.

One or two-way interview

In a one-way interview, you send your candidate a list of questions and they send a recorded response back. A two-way video interview, which obviously provides more interaction with the candidate, will give you a better indication of their soft skills and cultural fit.

Before the interview

Test your Wi-Fi and ensure the applications are working.  Make sure the backdrop is quiet with no distractions, your appliances are adequately charged and that you will not be disturbed throughout the interview. Try not to move around and sit in a location where you’ll be comfortable for the duration of the video call.

Create an impression

In order to reflect your organisations culture, during the interview dress to represent your workplace. If you work in a corporate environment, more formal attire should be worn for the interview.  Alternatively, if your workplace is more casual, dress accordingly.

Manage expectations

It’s always good to outline how long the interview is likely to take with your recruitment consultant ahead of the call but discussing with the candidate will also help manage their expectations. This will allow them to prepare adequately in terms of allocating time and making sure all of their equipment is fully charged etc.


This should be no different to a normal interview, have a set of questions pre-prepared. These can be the same as you would ask in a face-to-face interview and will likely be a mix of technical and behavioural. Have these questions next to you and ensure you can see them whilst conducting your interview.

Candidate presentation and communication

Does the candidate speak in a professional manner or are they more information.  What are their communication and how have they presented themselves. Look at their body language, how engaged they are and the environment they have chosen to be interviewed in.

Review the interview

When the interview is complete, review your notes and speak with your recruitment agency about any further information you need and what the next steps will be.

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