How hiring through a recruitment agency will grow your brand

There are numerous benefits to hiring through a recruitment agency, many of which have been well-documented, but some of which have perhaps not been given the traction they deserve.

One less-discussed advantage that comes with using an agency is the way that they can help to grow your company’s brand. A recruitment agency’s job is to sell your company to prospective candidates, and this process is in many ways a marketing exercise, helping to increase brand awareness and emphasising the aspects which make your company stand out.

As Richard Staveley, Head of Global Marketing at Protein World, says, “Kingsgate really understand what our company is all about, so we know that when they’re working on a vacancy, they’re selling it to candidates and helping to get the word out about who we are and what we do.”

The effects of this ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ may seem minor, but studies have shown that it is in fact highly effective; according to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends or family over any form of advertising. So if a recruitment agency speak to fifty people about a company, who in turn speak to their friends and family, it can have a valuable effect on brand awareness, especially for small companies who don’t have the budget to spend huge amounts on marketing.

Ken Friar, Head of HR at SQS, agreed that working with a recruitment agency could increase brand awareness: “It’s an added bonus for us when we work with Kingsgate to know that they are really spreading the word about what we do and helping to give people a positive impression of our business.”

There is perhaps a degree of misunderstanding in some quarters about the work that goes on behind the scenes at a recruitment agency in order to fill a vacancy. Gone are the days when jobs would sell themselves – candidates in today’s market have much more choice so the job of a recruiter is more than ever focussed on selling the attractive aspects of a company and persuading a candidate that this is the position they should be interested in.

Every prospective candidate is advised to research the business, the website, and the social media pages, and will develop an in-depth understanding of the company to whom they are applying. For this reason, even the candidates who don’t get to the interview stage leave the process with a really positive impression of the company.

As Jason Alner, Head of Recruitment at Haymarket, says, “We are always really impressed by the knowledge of the company and the understanding of the brand that Kingsgate’s candidates bring with them to the interview.”

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