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Life seems to go at 100 miles per hour for us at Kingsgate. As an independent agency, we all work really hard to place people in jobs that will enrich their lives and develop their careers. It’s because of this that the weeks whizz by in a blink of an eye. Now winter ensues, the evenings are getting darker, and we’re dreaming of the sunny skies of southern France and the trip we all took there together earlier on in October.

The break was the perfect way to reward the Kingsgate team for all of our hard work. We were all ready to enjoy what Cannes has to offer.

Setting off from Gatwick we left the chilly crispness of London in autumn and landing in a sun soaked paradise laden with palm trees, golden sands and swanky shops. Cannes, of course, is well known for hosting the rich and famous all year round – especially during the Cannes Film Festival. This would soon become apparent when we pulled up outside our hotel. 



After a delay at Gatwick we arrived in Cannes in early evening, all very hungry and eager to explore the exclusive city. We found ourselves in the very luxurious Hotel Majestic, gazing at the pictures of the hundreds of famous actors who had also frequented the same floors. The decor was drenched in a golden shimmer, with lavish ornaments and pieces of art adorning the walls.



A stroll along the seafront at sunset soon brushed away the laboriousness of travel. The town was gearing up for Friday night and the warm glow of an orange sunset across the Mediterranean horizon made it feel like we were a million miles away from home.




The streets were busy with people standing outside bars and meeting up with friends. We discovered a square bordered with small restaurants and sat ourselves outside around a table, taking in the atmosphere of the evening and tucking in to delicious fresh local food.







We were so lucky to have the sun shining on us for the next day as we all headed down to the beach to find a spot to relax and take in the last bit of summer sun. It was Saturday and local families were out enjoying late lunches, sipping wine and playing with their children. We were all intrigued by the lives of others – those people who frequent Cannes, dress head-to-toe in fabulous clothes and spend their weekends hopping on and off squillion-pound yachts along the Med. The whole place had a relaxed, decadent feel about it – this town wasn’t for business: it was for enjoying life and it certainly felt that way.










We spent the afternoon lazing in the cool breeze next to the sea and wandering around the busy shopping area where the streets were abuzz with people of all ages spending their cash on big brand names. The sun eventually began to set again, lighting up the rooftops of the old terracotta roofs and glinting off the millionaire mansions tucked high up in the hills. The view from our hotel rooms gave us a glimpse into the intriguing daily life of the French town from above.










Another evening took us wandering around the weaving lanes, tired from a day basking and in search of somewhere to relax. The ostentatious cars and glitzy lights punctured the darkness and made the town reveal its glamorous side.






The next day we were all sad to leave Cannes behind. We all silently peered through the window of the taxi that took us back to the airport. Landing back on UK soil was a shock, the cold soon hit us and as many English people do when returning home from abroad, we were not dressed appropriately for the weather. 



Our trip away had been a deliciously relaxing and extravagant glimpse into a world of luxury and decadence and I can say for sure, we all want to go back. Nevertheless, our few days’ holiday refreshed us, and we’re back to doing what we do best!

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