Modern recruitment, old fashioned values

Everything’s digital these days. Whether you want to book a holiday, buy a house, or find yourself a date, most things in life are only a few clicks away.

Recruitment is no exception to this trend. Online job boards have long been an important part of the job market, facilitating the process for both employers and candidates. More recently, the emergence of social media has changed the face of the industry, opening up new opportunities in candidate sourcing, lead generation and job-searching.

We are no strangers to these modern methods of recruitment. On the contrary, we’re at the cutting edge of new techniques in our industry, leading the way when it comes to social media and digital recruitment.

We run highly targeted and sophisticated social media campaigns, meaning we can attract unique candidates that can’t be found on job boards. We source candidates through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and generate new business through refined paid search and email marketing campaigns.

Nonetheless, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss things the way they used to be. Digital is all well and good, but it’s no match for a face to face meeting. After all, how can you trust us without meeting us first?

Unlike most recruitment companies, we meet every candidate ourselves before sending them on to a client. We believe that you can only get a true sense of someone by meeting them in person.

The same logic applies to our client relationships. Even with all of these new-fangled techniques, we still believe that every worthwhile relationship starts with a good old-fashioned face to face meeting.

It’s the perfect opportunity to find out if we share the same values, get to know each other better, and identify any opportunities for working together.

So give us a call, or get in touch via our website, and we’ll arrange a time to come and meet you so we can discuss your recruitment needs and how we might be able to help – just like in the old days.