Prepare your staffing strategy now and avoid paying a premium for top talent

The Covid-19 pandemic will eventually pass and although we don’t know when, what we do know is that employers will have very little time to hire candidates and position themselves for the next phase of growth.  Now is the time to review your business objectives and ensure your company is ready to move in the direction you want it to.  Paramount to this is how you manage and retain a competent and satisfied workforce, fit for purpose, in the right roles at the right time to meet the company’s goals.

With many candidates ‘furloughed’, they are still in a position to look for new opportunities and indeed we know that when situations are forced upon us, it can make us feel like we need to make changes in our working lives. In addition, fantastic graduates, who would previously have had multiple options to choose from, are finding themselves considering roles that might not have been on their radar. This opens up new opportunities for them and gives businesses the chance to engage in a candidate market like never before. It puts all companies on a level playing field with access to the very best talent to grow your business.

How to prepare:

  1. Determine your business goals
    The best starting point when reviewing your staffing strategy is your organisation’s business plan, which should contain both short-term and long-term goals for the company. Whether it’s to increase turnover, expand into new sectors, launch new products or grow through acquisition, these goals are all inherently driven by your people, and so your strategy needs to be fully aligned with the company’s objectives.
  2. Understand your current workforce
    Now is the time to do an overview of your current workforce. Ask yourself the question, would you re-hire the same person in the same role or if you could do it differently, what would you change? From here, you can build actionable insights about your people, such as establishing skills gaps and identifying potential candidates suitable for leadership roles as part of succession planning.
  3. What are the crucial job roles and elements to grow your business?
    Again, everyone has pressed the reset button. What do you need to take advantage of this level playing field? To understand this you will need to know the skills, experience and resources required to achieve your business goals. What roles do you need? How long does it typically take to recruit for them? From here you can start actively seeking and encouraging the right type of candidates so you’re prepared when the time is right.
  4. Recruit the top talent without paying a premium
    With furloughed employees earning at least 20% less and the uncertainty of the job market, you can recruit the best talent without paying the premium. People have had a chance to re-evaluate their lives, they may be looking for more stability, flexible working or something a bit closer to home. Some candidates will be worried about life after furlough in their current role so will be in the market for a job which provides security with them offering more flexibility on salary in return.  In addition, graduates who would normally have been snapped up, are looking to secure their first role and are casting their net wider than ever before.
  5. Contact your Recruitment Partners
    We have seen a huge increase in talented candidates and fantastic graduates contacting us to secure their next role. Clients also have recognised that they need to be ahead of the game in order to take advantage of this market.To discuss how you can prepare your staffing strategy and avoid paying a premium for top talent get in touch with Kingsgate Recruitment. As the Kingsgate Group supply key workers, we are still working daily to support businesses throughout this crisis. Even if you’re not looking to hire straight away, give us a call to discuss your plans. Our team can look at sourcing top talent, ahead of your competitors, for when you’re ready to hire again.

    You can contact us via our website, drop us an email, or give us a call on 020 8549 7212.