Special Friday5 with Kingsgate Recruitment

1. What is your current role?

Mark Sweatman, Co-founder

I am a founding partner at Kingsgate Recruitment and we are currently in our 8th year of operation. We have just launched Kingsgate Marketing Recruitment as this is a niche that we have gravitated towards and our Marketing clients have demanded we spend more time operating in this field. Kingsgate Recruitment is going from strength to strength and whilst myself and James are still at the helm, our dedicated management team and resourcers are helping us operate the commercial side of the business.

Kate Roberts, Resourcing and Training Manager 

I am currently working as the Resourcing and Training Manager. I have worked at Kingsgate for over 3 years and my day to day role involves resourcing for our current vacancies as well as working closely with the junior members of our team to train and help them progress within Kingsgate.  This role is important to Kingsgate because I have the knowledge to pass on to new members of the team which in turn will help Kingsgate grow as a business. I also account manage several clients.

2. What’s the most exciting thing happening in your role and at Kingsgate at the moment?

James Peters, Managing Director 

The launch of Kingsgate Marketing! Following on from the success of Kingsgate Recruitment, our new division continues to grow rapidly. Indeed I’ve been really surprised with the growth of the division. It’s been great networking with clients and candidates and learning a new industry.  Sponsoring the Brand Republic Digital Awards was a highlight and two weeks ago we were shortlisted as Best New comer for the Marketing and Advertising awards. Of course, I’m still very much involved with Kingsgate Recruitment and there are lots of exciting projects coming up but I’ll keep it under wraps for now!

Alex Herbert, Business Support Manager 

My role here as the Business Support Manager is very operational as well as resource focused which gives me an excellent opportunity to see the company from all angles. What’s really exciting about my position at this time is seeing a large volume of new Marketing clients and candidates working with Kingsgate. Our new Marketing division has opened a whole host of untapped potential to grow the business at an exciting rate. We’re adapting our approach by using new avenues like social media to target the right audience, so being part of all this new development and positive change is really exciting!

3. What has been your best achievement at Kingsgate?

William Alner, Marketing Executive 

I’m responsible for marketing at Kingsgate and I run all the social media platforms. A mix between a marketer and a community manager! Being responsible for all of Kingsgate’s Marketing has allowed me to take a leading role and learn a great amount. However, I think my biggest achievement was when 24,000 people read my blog post on LinkedIn, which was very much inspired by Kingsgate and focussed on some of the company’s core values. Even though I am still learning about content and social media marketing this was a great highlight for both me and Kingsgate Marketing.

Ashna Bolaky, Business Administrator 

My best achievement at Kingsgate is when had to find 50 candidates to complete a two week placement doing Data Entry. I had under a week to do it all and I had to organise 50 interviews and rotas, so it was a very busy week here at Kingsgate. This was my first official week resourcing alone and I was trying my best to keep a cool head.

4. What has been the most awkward interview situation you’ve ever had?

Reanna Small, Resourcer  

I was once in a registration with a candidate who decided to start taking his clothes off and show me his tattoos all over his body! How’s that for awkward?

Lisa Mody, Resourcer 

I attended a terrific interview. It was the usual process of telephone interview, face to face and then a presentation. To my utter delight I had made it through to round 3! I brought all my courage with me and went in with the mindset that I would smash this. Unfortunately I didn’t because during the interview I accidentally tried to eat a piece of waxed fruit!

5. What is your favourite marketing advert?

To decide the team’s favourite marketing advert, each member of the team nominated their favourite advert. Then we all voted for our favourite amongst the eight videos. The winner was Sony Bravia’s advert Paint, ‘Colour like no other’ Marketing Campaign. Here it is…

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