Struggling to hold on to your top talent? Here’s 5 ways to keep your staff happy

The job market right now is a hugely competitive place, arguably more so than at any point over the last decade. There’s no shortage of offers for good candidates, whether they’re actively looking or not, so hanging on to your best people can be a real challenge. There’s no magic formula to keeping staff happy and settled, but some simple changes can make the world of difference.

Pay your staff what they’re worth

Make no mistake about it: if you’re not paying your top people what they’re worth, someone else will. With the prevalence of online job boards and the rise of social media, it’s never been easier for employees to assess their market value, and the chances are they’ll know if they’re being sold short. Of course, there are always budgetary constraints, but the simple fact is you can’t get top people without paying top wages.

Try to inspire a sense of ownership

Staff are generally more motivated when they feel invested in the success of the company. It’s important to make your employees feel as though the company is an important part of their lives rather than just the place where they work. Collaborative working, team bonding exercises and work socials are all great ways to inspire this sense of loyalty.

Trust your employees to take on new responsibilities

Aside from money, the most common reason that people get itchy feet is the feeling that they have got everything that they can out of a role. The best employees are ambitious and need to feel challenged, so make sure you allow them to take on new responsibilities and try things outside of their comfort zone.

Give credit where credit’s due

Everyone’s different, and some people are happy to get their head down and crack on without the need for approval. Most people, however, feel happier in an environment where their achievements are recognised and rewarded. Your employees will feel happier and more motivated if they feel their work is appreciated, so try and offer rewards and incentives wherever possible.

Allow them to develop

It’s important to make your staff feel as though they’re building a career rather than just doing a job. Offering training and development will benefit both the company and its staff, creating an environment in which employees feel valued whilst giving staff the necessary tools to carry out their jobs more effectively.

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