Suffering from career commitment issues? Here’s 3 reasons why temping might be the answer

If you’ve recently finished school or university, or you’re embarking on a new career direction, trying to choose a path to settle on can feel like a huge, overwhelming decision. It’s often been suggested that Millennials and Generation Y have career commitment issues, reflected in the fact that people are staying in jobs for shorter on average than ever before. In this light, temping can be a great medium-term solution to gain some experience and help you decide what you want to do in the long term. Here’s 3 reasons why temping might be the answer.

Job-hopping doesn’t look great on a CV

Going through three permanent jobs in a year might seem like a great way to gain some experience in different areas and try your hand at different skills. However, for most employers, a CV which jumps between positions so regularly is an instant turn-off. Temping is a much better way to gain experience and looks much better on a CV – you can highlight the key skills you’ve gained throughout the period and the key positions you’ve held without having to answer the inevitable questions about why each position lasted so briefly.

You get to try before you buy

Don’t know whether you want to work for a big, established company or a vibrant start-up? Can’t decide whether sales is for you? Not sure whether you’d thrive in a competitive, target-oriented environment? The great thing about temping is that it gives you the opportunity to try different companies, different jobs and different ways of working, meaning you get to find out what you’re comfortable with and learn what suits you best.

You can get your foot in the door

Temping at different companies is a great way to meet different people and form lasting professional relationships. Every temp job you do is an opportunity to meet people who may be able to help you out later on in your career. You might do a month-long admin job at a marketing agency and find that you have a real passion for marketing. Or maybe you’ll meet someone who knows of a vacancy somewhere else that they think you’d be perfect for. Make the right impression and you’ll find that doors start to open.

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