Tempted by our temps? Why you should use temp staff.

Almost a third of UK organisations are intending to increase the number of temporary workers they employ over the next 12 months.



Why you should use temporary staff


There are times in every business when you will need that extra pair of hands – not just to cover employee absence or maternity leave, but to help with growth in busy periods following a successful marketing campaign, or in times of increased productivity. Temporary staff aren’t just bodies to fill the gaps: they can bring an influx of fresh blood into your business and, with it, fresh new opinions and attitudes.



The advantages of using temp staff


The flexibility that comes with using temps will benefit your business; interim staff can make up a vital part of the workforce, keeping organisations running smoothly and effectively, while last minute cover sickness can be covered professionally and efficiently.


Making use of temporary staff can also help towards relieving stress among permanent staff members, which, in turn, can help to reduce staff absence. Allowing temps to support the day-to-day routine tasks of your organisation leaves room for permanent staff to focus on important concerns and maximise productivity.



The benefits of our temp staff


Finding the right temp cover to suit your needs is simple; at Kingsgate we have an excellent reputation for supplying brilliant temp staff across all sectors. We have a large, handpicked selection of temporary candidates, all with a host of specialised skills and backgrounds, meaning that they’re able to become fully effective employees from their first day.


Not only will we fill your role with an efficient and effective staff member, but we also have an excellent Try Before You Buy scheme along with a Two Day Guarantee, meaning you can make sure that you are truly happy with your temps.


We also offer competitive transparent pricing, allowing you set the temps’ pay rate, online timesheet management and references for a minimum of three years.


Kingsgate supply temporary, interim and contract staff for all disciplines and at all levels. We have a pool of experienced and highly skilled candidates to choose from – available at very short notice.


To discuss your organisation’s temporary staff requirements and how we can help, please contact us on 0208 5497212.


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