Tips for job hunting during lockdown

There is no doubt that these are challenging times but they could also present you with the opportunity to reflect on what you want out of your next job. If you’re thinking about next steps, take a look at our tips for job hunting whilst in lockdown.

1. Get your CV ready

First and foremost: ensure you have an up-to-date CV – have a look at our tips on what to avoid when constructing your cv here, or get in touch about building a strong graduate CV.

Have a clear idea about what you’re looking for in your next role. What have you experienced in your previous roles and what do you want in the future. Do you want to develop any particular skills and what jobs are more suited to your existing skills and strengths? Do you want to work for a large organisation or would you prefer an SME? What is your 5 to 10 year plan and what will your next role need to be to help you achieve this?

Having the answers to some of these questions will undoubtedly help with your search. It will also be useful when answering questions in interviews about how you came to be there!

2. Keep in touch with your recruitment agency

Whilst we can’t meet one on one for now, the Kingsgate team is available by phone or email to have a chat about your plans.  We’re still in contact with clients daily who are recruiting for roles remotely.  So whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary work, get in touch as we’re here to help.

We’ll run you through tips and preparation for video interviewing and discuss the questions above to ensure we know exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Keep an open mind

There has inevitably been a change in demand in some industries across the globe with others seeing a huge increase for their services. Having an open mind about what jobs you’re prepared to consider will really help you to secure you’re next role.  Being open to temp or contract positions will give you a foot in the door and the opportunity to prove yourself to employers who may not be in a position to take on permanent staff at the moment. With so much uncertainty, flexibility is key.  Employers now more than ever need employees to be flexible.

There will always be factors that you really don’t want to compromise on when it comes to your career as they are integral to your workplace wellbeing and goals. Have a think about what they are and where you are willing to be flexible.  This will really help when speaking with your recruiter about which roles are the right ones to approach and to make sure that you aren’t excluded from roles that could potentially be right for you.

4. Prepare for video interviews

We have put together some tips on how to prepare for remote interviewing here and our team will always prepare you well in advance.

In summary, for now interviewing is likely to be done remotely either by phone or by one of the many apps that we’ve all been enjoying! Make sure you do a practice run, test your equipment, dress as if you were meeting in person (so a check on what the company culture regarding dress code is a must) and make sure your background is clear with nothing distracting going on.


5. You’ve got the job! Now what

Whilst some businesses have returned to the office, the majority have not so there is a possibility that you may start your new role remotely.  Don’t let this phase you, working from home may not but your ideal situation but it’s only temporary so make the most of it. Create a great home working space, log in early on your first day, ensure you understand your daily expectations and get to know your colleagues from afar via video calls.

6. Look after yourself

You may be job hunting during lockdown because you want a new challenge or because you are worried about your current role.  Either way it’s really important to keep positive and look after your wellbeing and mental health. These are unique and challenging times. Turn off the news, make sure you get some physical exercise and reach out to family and friends. This will pass and we will soon be back on track with a greater appreciation of normal life.  Try to keep a positive mindset, as this will help ensure your hunt stays on course. And remember, we’re always on hand to advise about any worries you may have. If you want to know more about how to look after your mental health from home have a read here

Kingsgate are here to support candidates, businesses and services

We will endeavour to continue to deliver our services to the highest standards and have adapted our way of working so we can continue to support you during this difficult time. Please get in touch to register your details and your consultant will come back to you.

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