What do graduates really want from you?

We’ve placed many recent graduates in entry level and graduate roles. All of whom have very specific requirements when working for a company. A graduate’s first professional role is very important to them and we understand that the right role for each individual is essential.

Over recent weeks we asked our graduates what they really look for in an employer. Stating which factors were most important to them. We’d like to share with you some of the views they gave.

Career Development – 82% ranked career development as their top priority.

Many of the graduates we spoke to said career development was the most important thing they were looking for in an employer. Graduates are clearly keen to find out what opportunities there are for career growth. They want to be assured by their new employers that there are training schemes to build the skills and expertise they can take into the rest of their career.

People and Culture – 74% said they will ‘always’ consider people and culture.

Millennials are always looking at the company culture before entering the workplace. Culture can be a powerful marketing tool to recent graduates, but it isn’t something that’s grown over night. It’s highly likely that if a company is known for having a great culture, top graduates will automatically be drawn to them. Graduates tend to be looking to join a passionate workforce working towards a company mission.

Company Reputation – Over two thirds of graduates said they would research a company’s reputation

Many graduates set their sights on working for a company with a good reputation. A company that aligns with their core values, interests and ethics is high on the agenda. Working for a company and being truly proud to be a part of that organisation really appeals to the modern graduate. Reputation can sway a graduate in their ultimate job offer decision, so it’s important for companies to maintain a good reputation.

Good Work Life Balance – Most graduates we asked said that work life balance was ‘very important’

This is an increasingly important factor to all employees, with graduates being no exception. Work life balance has been something of a trending factor across the UK for all working professionals. It’s important to graduates, because they realise that a positive relationship between work and personal lives can greatly benefit their career. Some graduates even said they were happy to take slightly less money for a better work life balance. It’s important to highlight these benefits to graduates within the values and culture of your company. This will help maintain or develop a reputation that’s attractive to graduates.


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