What grad job is the one for you?

As the exams finish and the books are stored away, students across the country are packing up their beloved student houses and heading out into the Real World as fresh-faced grads. But what does the world of work, wages and weekends hold for them? Gone are the Wednesday night student nights, getting up at 3pm and spending all night in the library – here comes the “now what am I going to do?” moment.


The thought is daunting: after all the years of education (and student loans), you are at the point at which you can choose any path you like. This is a pivotal moment in your career and life. It’s easy to feel vulnerable and, without a plan or course of action, the prospect of finding a job can be damn right terrifying.



The important point is not to let yourself slip through the net. Don’t get dazed by job descriptions and jargon and run in the opposite direction, this is the time when companies are crying out for good, solid graduates who are ready to take on the world of work, learn from experience and move onwards and upwards with their careers.  With so many companies out there vying to take on this year’s graduates how can you choose what company to work for? What role is best for you?


The thing is, there isn’t anything to be too freaked out about; the job you take on after uni may not be your career choice for life. The world of work has changed since your parent’s day and it’s no longer frowned upon to have several jobs in a small amount of time. The more jobs you have on your CV, the more skills you possess which shows a potential employer an ability to adapt and learn as well as a wide range of diverse skills meaning, if you take on a job that wasn’t initially on your plan, the skills and lessons you learn in the role may lead you on to greater things in the future.



So, how do you pick what roles to apply for? Based on stats provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number one industry “predicted to provide the most hiring, and experience the highest job growth, of any career sectors over the next decade,” is Sales and Finance with roles such as Marketing Managers providing the highest income. As the infographic above suggests, fear of being exiled from the world of work (due to the recession) seems to be the reason for not changing career paths; it’s a widely held view nowadays that in the past people stuck to their careers early on in life, but ironically it’s a more modern twist of fate.


But don’t let your choices be ruled by fear. Going for a job that’s not perfect for you but is still a good fit is a smart choice – it’s not your last option. Not only will you get on the career ladder and ultimately help your own job prospects in the future, but you’ll also get money, obviously, which can be used for savings and having fun (of course).


Manage your own expectations. Your Dream Job is probably out there, waiting for you. You’re not cheating yourself, or your ambition, by opting for something which you may see as a much “lesser” job in the meantime. Whilst figures suggest that graduates are essentially making their beds and lying in them these days, it doesn’t have to be the case.


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